Index to Lavica Hinkle Field's Scrapbook

Page 1

Depriest, W. H. H. "Billy," travel notice

Field, Amanda, wife of Benjamin R. Field, death notice

Field, George & Lavica Hinkle, marriage license notice

Sisson, W. S. & Maryetta S. "Nettie" Knaub, marriage notice

Page 2

Field, Walter, crushes toe in train accident, article

Field, Walter, breaks arm in train accident, article

Page 3

Field, George E. & Sallie J. Knaub, double wedding, article

Steelman, John W. & Caroline A. Knaub, double wedding, article

Field, Reuben & Mary E. McKedy, marriage license notice

Page 4

Field, George E., & Lavica Hinkle Field, horse ran away with buggy, article

Field, Nancy A., death notice

Page 5

Field, Clarence & Mary E. Whitcomb, party, picnic & fireworks, article

Field, George E., party, picnic & fireworks, article

Page 6

Van Nostran, Joseph & Jane Field, Death at the Feast, wedding and death notice

Page 7

Hinkle, Guy, Guy Hinkle is Shot to Death, obituary, article

Page 8

Field, Mary Ellen, obituary

Page 9

Field, Rose Wilscam, Five Homes are Entered by Death, obituary

Page 10

Field, Elmer & Lillian Murphy, marriage notice

Page 11

Field, George E., Good Bye Jesse!, article on the death of Jesse James and recount of one train robbery that George witnessed.

Page 12

Hinkle, John, obituary

Page 13

Field, George E. & Lavica Hinkle, 25th wedding anniversay invitation

Page 14

Field, Keen W., Was Eighty-Four Yesterday, birthday notice

Page 15

Smith, Grace A. Field, death notice

Turpen, Sarah E. Field, death notice

Page 16

Field, George E., obituary

Field, Mary Ellen, obituary

Page 17

Field, Field, Benjamin R., obituary