Lavica, Mrs. George Field (1857-1922), moved to Valparaiso with her husband George and first son, Arthur Clarence (1882-1966) in 1882. There is no date on this article so it is hard to know just when this visit to Gibson County was made. She would have gone to visit brothers and sisters as both of her parents had long since "forded the river."

Jane Field (1870-1887) was a daughter of Benjamin R. Field and Elizabeth Moore, Benjamin's second wife. She was just 17 when she died of consumption. This was the eighth child of his that died. Two more daughters, Grace and Sarah were to die just days apart two years after Jane's death. Only two of his children, George E. , who lived in Valparaiso, Indiana and Keen R. who lived nearby in Pike County, outlived George. He also lost 4 wives, his fifth wife, Martha Vaught, outlived him by 12 years.

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