Nancy A. Field (1823-1902) was a prominent woman in Gibson county, Indiana, during her life. She was the daughter of Abraham and Grace Rainey Field. She was a granddaughter of Keen and Anna Lewis Field. During her life she owned several pieces of property north of Hazleton.

She married William Martin on 5 August 1840. They had three children, Isaphena, Jane, and Melvina. Jane was the only child to survived. William died in February of 1852. Then on 4 May 1854 she married Nickson A. Richards. They had four children all of whom died as infants. Nancy has many living descendants through her daughter Jane and her husband James Louis Erwin.

Nancy is the only woman who's biography is featured in Tart's History of Gibson County. This lead us to the conclusion that she was prominent resident of the county.

She had nine siblings. Her brother Benjamin is our ancestor. Her brother Joseph Jackson died leaving three young children by his first wife, Nancy J. Phillips. Two of these children, Robert Allen and Grace resided with Nancy for some time.

Three of her siblings, Keen, Benjamin and Cynthia, moved west to Shelbyville, Illinois, and lived in neighboring homes all on one block. In February of 1902, Nancy was visiting in Shelbyville and became ill with pneumonia and died there. Her nephew Robert Allen and her daughter Jane went to Shelbyville from Gibson County, Indiana to bring her back to Indiana where she was buried on 18 February 1902 in the Warnock Cemetery in Princeton, next to Nicks and her infant children.

By Eugene A. Field
22 September 2002

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