Are among the old settlers of Gibson County. They are descended from English and Irish ancestry. They settled in Kentucky soon after the close of the Revolutionary War. Keen Fields, the grandfather of the present family, was a native of Kentucky, and immigrated to Indiana while it was yet under territorial form of government. He made his first home on a militia tract east and adjoining the farm of Mrs. Nancy A. Richards (whose maiden name was Fields) in White [River] Township. He there opened up a farm and made it his permanent place of abode, until his death, which occurred in 1815. He married Anna West, who survived him a number of years. By the union there were ten children, eight sons and two daughters. One yet survives. The youngest son, Keen Fields, a resident of Greene County, Ill. Abraham Fields, the father of Mrs. Nancy A. Richards, was born in Kentucky Dec. 27, 1793. He [Abraham] came with his parents to Indiana and was yet in his boyhood when the family landed here. He followed, for the greater portion of his life, the peaceful occupation of a farmer. He also built flat boats and teamed, hauling goods from Evansville to Terre Haute and Palmyra, Ill. That was before the days of railroads. He died at the old homestead, April, 12, 1870. He married Grace Reiney, daughter of William and Esther Reiney, who were native of Ireland. William Reiney was born in Dublin in 1776. He married Esther Robinson, who was born in Ireland in 1777. The marriage took place in 1793 in South Carolina. Mr. Reiney died in Missouri Jan. 15, 1846 and his wife died in South Carolina Nov. 9, 1806. They immigrated to America and settled in South Carolina where Mrs. Grace Fields was born July 31, 1797. She [Grace] died March 31, 1862. By that union [Abraham and Grace] there were ten children, six sons and four daughters, five of whom have survived the parents and living. Keen W. Fields, one of the surviving sons is a substantial farmer and resident of Shelby County, Ill. Cynthia is the wife of L. H. Turner and is also a resident of the above named county. Benjamin R., is a resident of this County, Steven L., of Toledo, Cumberland County, Ill., and Mrs. Nancy A. Richards, the subject of this sketch, are the names of the survivors of the family of Abraham Fields. Mrs. Nancy A. Richards was born on the old homestead in White River Township, Gibson County, Ind., Jan. 12, 1823. She remained at home until her marriage to William Martin, which happy event occurred Aug. 5, 1840. Mr. Martin was a native of Kentucky. He died Feb. 14, 1852 leaving his widow and three children. One only yet survives, whose name is Jane. She is the wife of James L. Erwin. They have four children, whose names are Nannie A., Anna Maud, Nick A. R., and Edna Florence Erwin. On the 4th of May, 1854, Mrs. Martin nee Fields, married Mr. Nicks A. Richards. He was a native of Tennessee, born near the city of Nashville March 16, 1829. The family immigrated soon after his birth to Richland County, Ill., where Mr. Richards was reared. He came to Gibson County in 1852, where he remained until his death, which sad event occurred July 13, 1874. This union was productive of great happiness as Mr. Richards was a kind, indulgent husband, possessing an affectionate nature and domestic habits. He was strong believer in the religious tenets of the Baptist Church, although not a member of that religious organization. He died universally regretted.

This was excerpted exactly as written from: Jas. T. Tartt. History of Gibson County, Edwardsville, Ill., 1884, pg. 188 (drawing on facing page.)

The following corrections are to be noted:

          This branch of the Field Family has historically spelled the name FIELD, without an "s." Six documents exist in the Virginia State Library with the signature of Keen's father, Abraham Field. On each document he uses the name "Field." (Virginia State Library, Archives Division, Richmond VA, Revolutionary Pensions, Box 10, Folder 143, concerning Abram Field, Soldier, 45 pages)

          Keen Field was a native of Culpeper County, Virginia. He was most likely between 18 and 21 years old at the time of his marriage on 29 March 1793. His Father Abraham immigrated to the Falls of the Ohio with at least three children in 1784. Therefore, Keen would have been born in Virginia. (Appleman, Roy E., "Joseph and Reuben Field, Kentucky Frontiersmen of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and Their Father, Abraham", In Genealogies of Kentucky Families, Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc. Baltimore, 1981, pg. 489. & Hasskarl, Eula, Shelby County, Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833, vol 1., Adam Oklahoma, 1983)

          Keen married Anna Lewis in Shelby County, Kentucky. (Hasskarl, Eula, Shelby County, Kentucky Marriages 1792-1833, vol 1., Adam Oklahoma, 1983)

          William Reiney should be spelled Rainey.