Lucie’s Genealogy© website has been online since 1998. As with all websites it has grown from a few pages to thousands. At the beginning it provided information about the Field family descending from Abraham Field (1636-1674) of Westmoreland County, Virginia and a few related families. Most of the information at that time was based on the work of Miriam Grasz Field, the mother of Gene and the grandmother of Lucie. Since then we have done considerable research multiplying Miriam’s work many times.

We have had an amazing number of people contact us and provide us with information on their branches of the family. All of this has been added to our original information. One outstanding example of this is the information we were given by the family of Paul Wilson a second cousin of Miriam. Paul and Miriam were born in the same year and were both interested in their respective family histories. Both have common ancestors in John Benjamin and Mary Crockett Wilson. Over their life times they corresponded and shared information. During the summer of 2011 we had the good fortune to be offered Paul’s complete files of his family research and a large number of photographs by his wife and children thus swelling the amount of information on the Wilson Family and bringing in several other family lines.

Our philosophy of genealogy is what we call the “umbrella” approach. We do not confine our research and website to our direct ancestors but go back on as many lines as possible that connect to our direct line. We have found that this has been extremely valuable to other researchers.

A good example of this is the John and Elizabeth Wainscott Stafford line. Miriam had a large hand written chart containing the ancestors and descedents of John and Elizabeth Stafford. The latest date of anyone on the Stafford chart was 1949. We compiled the information, included it on our website and were amazed at how many people contacted us who were directly related to people named on this chart.

From the information we received from Paul Wilson we have added several new families to our growing list. Unfortunately, we do not have an index to all of the surnames we have available on our web site. However, we have a link on our home page called Extended Family Tree The second link on that page is “Surnames” and this indexes all of the names we include in our website. Of course we have a varied amount of information for each family. As our research expands more names will be added.

As with any publication there are bound to be mistakes. We very much appreciate being contacted and informed when errors are found of any type. Anything from misspellings, links that do not work, misleading information etc. Our goal is to be as accurate as possible.

Not all of our information is verified. When we receive information from other people we take it at face value and as time permits we check for accuracy. This is a hobby and we want to be enjoyable and not tedious or overwhelming.

We also have a policy that we share our information. We ask only that when our information is used by others they state that we are the source of the information.

Lucie & Gene Field
10 September 2011
Patterson Califnorna

Photo taken in Adelaide, Australia, July of 2008. We went back to Australia to visit friends and see places where we lived in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Lucie was born in Adelaide.