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Lucie’s Genealogy is a website based primarily upon families of our direct lines. We have found it very interesting to go beyond these bounds and research collateral lines. This website is our "extended family tree". Through this research we have found some interesting connections. We ran across an amusing example of this while doing research on the Arch family. A descendant of Lucie’s 1st cousin 3 times removed married a man who was the doctor that sewed up a cut in Lucie’s father’s head when he was a three year old boy. Had we never followed the Arch family line we would have never learned of this connection. The nature of our Lucie’s Genealogy website does not lend itself to these connections. So we have decided to put our entire database on line with the hope that people descended from our side branches may find some useful information. Some of our information is not verified and our sources are sometimes personal contacts. However, we hope this information might be a starting point for someone doing family research on families connected to us.


feature 1 Joseph & Reubin Field Joseph and Reubin Field were two of the "Nine young men from Kentucky" who accompanied Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their epic journey from The Falls of the Ohio to the shores of the "Western Ocean" and back.

feature 2 Miss Caroline's School After the Steelman Family built a chapel and a schoolhouse, they requested a teacher for their children and were turned down by the Township Trustee. So the families conferred and little Nina Knaub became Miss Caroline and taught the "Buckeyes" and eventually the children of the neighborhood.

feature 3 The Blosser Family Information on the Blosser Family of Nappanee, Indiana. This includes Merrill Blosser the cartoonist whose "Freckles and His Friends" was one of the longest running syndicated cartoons in American Newspapers.

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