The Hinkle-Wolfe Cemetery is a small, beautiful, remote cemetery located on Frog Pond road north of Steelman Chapel Road. Frog Pond road is a dirt road and is not accessible when wet. The cemetery is very well maintained. It contains the grave of Nancy Cowan Hinkle, wife of Samuel Hinkle and mother of Lavica Hinkle the second wife of George E. Field.

Nancy P./Wife of/Samuel Hinkle/Born/July 2, 1816/
Died/Feb. 1, 1865

Sarah Nancy P. Cowan was the first wife of Samuel Hinkle (1818-abt 1870). She was born in Pennsylvania and died in Gibson County, Indiana. She was the mother of Lavica Hinkle Field (1857-1922) the second wife of George E. Field (1849-1915). George was a great grandson of Keen (abt 1744-1815) and Anna Lewis Field (1773-aft 1850).

Ann Markley/Born/Aug. 18, 1821/Departed this Life/May 20, 1875/Aged/53 Yrs 10 Mos

Ann Hinkle was a sister of Samuel Hinkle (1818-abt 1870). She was first married to Joseph L. Van Nostran (1848-1882) and then to Peter Markley (1820-1870). The parents of Samuel and Ann were John (1787-1841) and Rebecca A. Comfort Hinkle (1794-1845).

Her son, Joseph Van Nostran, Jr. died while preperations were being made for the wedding of Ada Jane Field a sister of his wife Catherine Field. To read the article about Joseph's unexpected death click here.

Peter Markley/Born/Jan. 6, 1820/Departed this Life/Feb. 27, 1870/Aged/50 yrs. 1 mo. 21 ds.

Peter Markley was the second husband of Ann Hinkle Van Nostran. He was born in Ohio and most likely died in Gibson County, Indiana.

Sarah C./Markley/daughter of/Peter & Anne/Markley/Born/Nov. 21, 1855/Departed this Life/Feb. 15, 1871/Aged/15 years 2 mos/25 days

Sarah C. Markley was the daughter of Peter Markley and Ann Hinkle. She was born in Ohio and died in Gibson County, Indiana.

Lewis/Yourtee/son of/Jonathan & Rebecca/Steelman/
born/Aug. 25, 1850/Departed this Life/March 8, 1865/
Aged/14 yrs 6 mos 11 ds

Lewis Yourtee Steelman was the son of Jonathan Steelman and Rebecca Hinkle. He was born in Ohio and died most likely in Gibson County, Indiana. Rebecca Hinkle was also the daughter of John (1787-1841) and Rebecca A. Comfort Hinkle (1794-1845).

Hannah H./Consort of/R. A. Hyneman/Born/Oct. 13, 1810/Died/Oct. 19, 1837

Hannah H. Decker Hyneman was the wife of Robert A. Hyneman son of John Hyneman (1778-1863) and Elizabeth “Betsy” Kirk (1781-abt. 1866).

Lucie and Gene Field visited the Hinkle-Wolfe Cemetery in July of 2011.

We are very greatful to Dan Elliott of Mount Vernon, Indiana, for taking us to several cemeteries in Gibson County that are very difficult to find. Each of these cemeteries has people buried in them that are our ancestors or related family members. Dan has a wonderful website with photograhs, tombstone inscriptions and genealogy information of every cemetery in Gibson County, Indiana. Click here for that website.