Elizabeth Rosette Frymire ca. 1875

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Descendants of David Frymire (1796-)and Grace of New York

History of the Frymire Family by John Franklin Frymire

Photo Descendant Tree from Robert Wilson and Elizabeth Rose Frymire

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The Gohn/Coon Family by Tom Oatney. This web site follows some of the descendants of Phillip Gohn (abt. 1680 - 1744) of Rimschweiler, Rhineland, Pfalz, Germany, who immigrated to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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Kosciusko County, Indiana

Death Record of Rose [Elizabeth Rosette] Frymire Wilson

Graceland Cemetery, Claypool

Marriage Certificate of Robert Wilson & Elizabeth Rosette Frymire

Mount Pleasant Cemetery near Warsaw

Obituary of Elizabeth Rosette Frymire

Obituary of William H. Frymire

Photo of Elizabeth Rosette Frymire

Photo of John Franklin Frymire

Photo of the John Wilson Homestead with Rose Frymire and Tressa Wilson Grasz

This is a photograph of Elizabeth Rosette Frymire. She was the daughter of Isabelle Gohn and James Frymire. The photograph was taken before she married James Robert Wilson. Rose and James were the parents of Tressa Ethel Wilson who was the grandmother of Miriam Grasz Field.