Edward Maria Wingfield & Bartholomew Gosnold landing at Jamestown 1607, after

having crossed the Atlantic in the Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery

Image of "Jamestown Discovery" used by the expressed permission of Dale Glasgow.
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On May 13, 1607, Edward Maria Wingfield and his cousin, Bartholomew Gosnold arrived in Virginia to found the Jamestown Colony. These two men were from families that joined the Virginia Field family with the marriage of Capt. Abraham Field and Elizabeth Withers in 1723. Elizabeth being a desdendant of both the Wingfields and the Gonolds.

It was to Jamestown in 1635, that Henry Field with his cousin John Dickenson, immigrated from England. Many believe Henry was the father of Abraham Field (1636-1674) of Westmoreland County, Virginia, who is the founder of the Virginia Field Family.

It is interesting to note that Joseph and Reuben Field of the Lewis and Clark Expedition which ended 200 years after the founding of Jamestown were distant cousins of both Edward and Bartholomew. The chances are they never knew it.

Many members of the Field family have had an important role in laying the foundations of the United States.

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