Keene Field of Culpeper County, died intestate in 1754. He was the son of Capt. Abraham Field (1695-1774) and Elizabeth Withers of Culpeper County, Virginia. He was the father of Abraham Field (1744-1822). Capt. Abraham was the Justice of the Peace before whom the above appraisers were sworn. Keene died before his father Capt. Abraham, who then left his grandson Abraham, Keene's share of his estate.

Abraham the grandson, moved his family to Jefferson County, Kentucky in 1784. Abraham had been severely wounded in the shoulder at the Battle of Point Pleasant. It was in this same battle that Abraham's uncle, Col. John Field was killed. Abraham of Kentucky was the father of Keen Field who moved to Indiana in 1799, our direct ancestor, and Privates Joseph and Reubin Field, members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.