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This is a copy of the Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of Keen Field (1774-1815) He moved his family from near the Falls of the Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, area to Knox County, Indiana about 1799. Jas. T. Tart, , Keen was the fourth white man in the area (and possibly the first white man to die in the area). Knox County later become Gibson County. He was the founder of the Field family of Gibson County. There are still descendants living in the area today. He is also referred to Cain and Cane Field. His wife, Anna Lewis Field (1773-1850), was pregnant with their tenth child at the time of his death. When the child was born he was a son and was named Keen Wither Field Jr. (1815-1894) There is a document that names him Caneweather. This is probably a phonetic spelling by the person writing the document. Withers is a name that came into the family when Capt. Abraham Field (1699-1774) married Elizabeth Withers (1706-1746). Her grandfather was Mathew Keene (1659-1730/1733). Both the name Keen and Withers have been passed down through the family for generations.

In the document is a list of Keen's minor children. His eldest son, Abraham (1793-1881) married Grace Rainey 8 March 1815 and, along with his mother, is an administrator of the estate. Keen died about 22 January 1815. The inventory list is dated 18 February 1815 which makes Abraham 22 at the time.

These inventories were copied from Will Book A, pg. 5-10, Gibson County Court House, Princeton, Indiana. The administrators were his wife Anna Lewis Field (1773-aft. 1850) and his eldest son, Abraham Field (1793-1870).

Keen's inventory transcribed

Created 31 October 2012

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