John Brown (1794-1852)
Final Report of John Hargrove Admr. of John Brown Decd.
Filed November 6, 1855.

     I John Hargrove administrator of the estate of John Brown, deceased, report to the Court of Common pleas the following final settlement account.
     To amount distributed by said court to the widow & 14 heirs of said estate at the last January term thereof.          $6800.80

I claim credit for the following disbursments to the widow & heirs according to said distribution, to wit;
Vou. No 1 To Harriet Brown widow $ 2408.60  
" " 2 " Harriet Brown guarn. 4 heirs   1376.32  
" " 3 " Jonathan Brown    250.08  
" " 4 " Joseph Shawhorn (Margaret)    317.08  
" " 5 " J. C. Fisher Guar. (Fields heirs)    334.08  
" " 6 " Azza Harrison do (Hoods do.)    314.08  
" " 7 " Abrm Bruner do. (Catts do.)    314.08  
" " 8 " John Bleßinger (Mariatta)    314.08  
" " 9 " B. R. Field (Ellen)    274.08  
" Nos" 10 & 11 " Joseph Fisher (Serelda)    314.08  
" No" 12 " Henry Kirk (Naomi)    330.08  
" " 13 " Thomas Brown    250.00 = $6796.64
        Leaving a balance of     $  4.16

Four dollars & eight cents of which sum is due Thomas Brown, a voucher for which I have not been able to obtain on account of the distance of his residence (to wit; Kentucky) I would further represent to the court that I hold a note against the said Thomas Brown which he executed to one George Canada for the sum of $27.00 which I claim as a set off to said sum of $4.08. For which I would respectfully ask the court to make an order herein to be credited on said note: which when so done together with the balance of eight cents to be allowed on the fees in this settlement will make a full and complete settlement of said estate

Very respectfully submitted.
John Hargrove admr.

John Brown was the father of Lydia Ellen Brown the first wife of Benjamin R. Field a grandson of Keen Field and Anna Lewis. John was born in Charelston District, South Carolina, 1794. He moved with his mother, Lydia Dupree and siblings to White River Twp., Knox County (now Gibson) about 1813. Based upon existing records family tradition says he had three wives: Elizabeth Youngman, married 1813, Temperence Medley, married 1815 and Harriet J. Rutherford, married, 1838. With Temperence he had 9 children and with Harriet he had 4 children, all of which are accounted for in the dispersal of the estate with the exception of Barbara Brown. John's children by Temperence Medley were: Barbara, Sarelda, Eliza, Mariatta, Thomas, Lydia, Jonathan, Margaret and Naomi. His children by Harriet J. Rutherford were: John, James, Elizabeth and David.

We have found no documents proving Barbara was John Brown's daughter. However, family tradition states that she was. Several documents point to her relationship to John Brown.

  1. In the probate of John Brown voucher No. 5, states that Isaphena E. Fields, and Deborah A. Fields receive a portion of the estate as remote minor heirs of John Brown.

  2. Guardianship papers pertaining to the two Field orphans, state that they were daughters of John Field. No mother is listed

  3. A marriage record of John Field and Barabara Brown 14 March 1838, is located in Marriage Book B, Gibson County Court House, Princeton, Indiana.

Document: Probate Docket of John Brown--Final Report of John Hargrove Admr. of John Brown Decd. Filed November 6, 1855. John Hargrove Administrator (on microfilm in the Princeton Public Library Genealogy Room, can be found in will index.)

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