Hazel Blosser Grasz. Hazel was born in Napapnee, Indiana 16 February 1889. She died 31 December 1984. Hazel was one of the oldest people born in Nappanee at the time of her death. She was the daughter of Elias and Amamda Culp Blosser. She worked in her father's shoe shop for many years before she became the second wife of Floyd M. Grasz. Floyd worked for Elias and then set up his own shoe repair business in his garage on West Market Street. Floyd was the father of Miriam Grasz Field. In 1974 and 1979 Hazle was recorded by Evelyn Culp, a librarian of the Nappanee Library, as she described life in early Nappanee. The later tape was mostly about her brother, the cartoonist, Merrill Blosser the creater of the cartoon Freckels and His Friends.