The Henry Grass Family 1890's
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The Descendants of John Herny Gross & Regina Rosina Mueller

Elkhart County, Indiana

The Floyd & Tressa Grasz home, Nappanee, Indiana

Floyd and Tressa Wilson Grasz & Violo Wilson and Zellard Goodman about 1907

Letter from Hugh Grasz to A. W. Gantzhorn

The workers of the Nappanee, Indiana, Carriage Factory about 1900

Obituary of Floyd M. Grasz (1886-1979) Nappanee

Obituary of Hazel Blosser Grasz (1889-1984) Nappanee

Obituary of Winnie Gross (1870-1887) Nappanee

Photo Ancestor and Descendant Tree from Floyd and Tressa Wilson Grasz

Floyd & Hazel Grasz with Harvey and Marie Field in 1959

Floyd and Hazel Grasz in 1946

Floyd M. Grasz Family

Miriam Elaine Grasz Field (1918-)

Nappanee Marimba Band with Miriam Grasz Field

South Union Cemetery

Union Center Cemetery

Obituary of Tressa Ethel Wilson Grasz (1886-1906) Nappanee

Floyd M. Grasz in the Blosser Shoe Store

Nappanee Volunteer Fire Department about 1900

Nappanee Volunteer Fire Department, in the 1930's

Kosciusko County, Indiana
Mentone Cemetery, Mentone
Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Indiana State Soldier's Home Cemetery

Obituary of Henry Grass

Obituary of Mary Dorcas Irwin Grass

Walla Walla County, Washington

Obituary of Hugh G. Grasz

Post Cemetery at Fort Walla Walla
Timeline of William Peasner, father-in-law of Hugh Grasz
Wood County, Wisconsin

Obituary of William H. Grass

This is a photograph of the family of Henry Grass and Mary Dorcas Irwin. Standing left to right are Floyd May Grasz, William H. Grass, Emma Mellinger (William's first wife) and Hugh Grasz. The members of the family spelled their names differently. The original spelling, however, was Gross. The photograph was taken in Nappanee Indiana, about 1894. This photograph belonged to Floyd and was his only one. He kept it in his dresser drawer and looked at it often. On 21 March 1903, Henry and Mary became residents of the Indiana State Soldiers Home in Lafayette, Indiana. Floyd went to live with his brother Will. Floyd married Tressa Ethel Wilson in 1906. He lived in Nappanee until he became a resident of Greencroft Home in Goshen late in his life.