One of the more interesting families that formerly resided near the Mouth of the Salt river is the Field Family. The first Field family to reside in this immediate area was Abraham Field, who lived on Little Bee Lick Creek in south west Jefferson County. His home was located somewhere between the present day Beth haven Baptist church and the Okolona area. One of his sons was Ezekiel Field. The Field family are all descendants of the Withers family in Virginia thru the marriage of the great-grandfather of Ezekiel, an Abraham Field I and Elizabeth Withers, in Culpepper County, Virginia, before 1719. Here at West Point, the Field family became connected with the Miles, Ditto and Hart families, among others.

This great grandfather of Ezekiel Field who settled near West Point about 1806, as stated was Abraham Field I. He married Elizabeth Withers, the oldest daughter of James and Elizabeth Withers.(see futher information in the chapter on the withers family in this book). Abraham Field was a vestryman of the Great Fork Church in Culpepper County, VA. From 1744 to 1774. Abraham Field died before 1775. Elizabeth Withers Field died before 1760. There were at least four sons and three daughters by the first marriage and after her death he married a second time and there were at least three more sons born. All of the Field family that resided near West Point were descendants of the first marriage. Many of the sons of Abraham I distinguished themselves in the Revolutionary War. One son, John Field (1720-1775) represented Cilpepper County in the house of Burgesses in 1765. This John field served with General Braddock in 1755 in the French and Indian War and was with Forbes in 1758 and was killed in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Abraham Field, who settled in Kentucky in 1785, was a grandson of Abraham Field I, above, and a nephew of John Field just mentioned. He was renowned as an Indian fighter on the frontier. He received a pension for serious wounds he received at the Battle of Point Pleasant in which his Uncle John was killed. He came to the Falls of the Ohio (now Louisville) in 1874 and moved to the "fish ponds" near present day Okolona, Ky.

Abraham Field was born in 1744. Those individuals desiring more information on his life and that of his sons, should read a most interesting article by Roy. E. Appleman, of Colorado Spraings, Colorado, in the January 1975 issue of the Filson Club Historical Quarterly. This article goes into such detail on the life of Abraham Field this writer will make no attempt to elaborate any further.

Ezekiel Field, married (1.) Mary Myrtle (2.) Polly Ditto

Poly Field, married George Brown

Cynthia Field, married William Lewis [possibly the brother of Anna Lewis the wife of Keen (Cain) Field who moved to southern Indiana in 1799]

John Field, wifes [sic] name unknown- children were Matilda Hollis, Maryann Newlane, Willis, Abraham, Larkin, Elizabeth and Eliza.

Cain Field, wifes [sic] name unknown [Anna Lewis] his children were Abraham, Elizabeth, Ben, Cynthia, Joseph, Stephen, Thomas, Reubin, Ezekiel, and Cain (Keene).

Joseph Field

Reubin Field

The two sons, Joseph and Reubin Field accompanied Lewis and Clark. On their journey to the Pacific Ocean. This writer and his wife Judy, retraced a large portion of the Lewis and Clark travels, all the way to Astoria, Oregon a few years ago. We found time and again references to the two Field brothers on historical markers as we went along. In the Lewis and Clark Journal, the Field brothers were mentioned more often than anyother men on the expedition with the exception of the officers. In passing it is well to note that still a third man from West Point, a John Shields, was among the 28 men, an Indian girl, and a dog that made the great trek from the Missouri River to the Mouth of the Columbia River. After the journey was over, the two brothers returned to the southwest Jefferson County area where they remained the rest of their lives, living in more or less humble conditions. Today no one for sure knows where they are buried. This writer feels that they may have been buried in the old Myrtle graveyard witch has been destroyed by the so-called march of progress. Some of the Myrtle remains were moved into a common grave at Bethany Cemetery. Don Dearden, a good friend of this writer, believes thy may have been buried in a family plot near the old Fish Ponds Okolona.

The oldest son of Abraham Field was Ezekiel field. He married Mary Myrtle, about 1801. She was the daughter of John Myrtle, the old war veteran. She died of complications at the birth of their first child and then about 1806 he married Polly Ditto, daughter of Henry and Nancy Ditto. Henry Ditto then deeded them a farm in the hill country about one and a half miles south of West Point where Ezekiel Field lived and died. He is buried in the Field Cemetery near the present day Ditto Hill Firing range on Fort Knox. The children of Ezekiel Field by his two wives were:

  1. Mary Ann Field, died in 1854, age 30, married Silas Hart. (see section on Hart family in this book). Their children were Artride Corrinna Hard, born March 6, 1846; Nannie Elizabeth Hart, born July 10, 1848; and Clinton Felix Hart, born Nov. 11, 1850, died Jan 12, 1855. After Mary Anne Hard died,
  2. Maria Field, born January 20, 1808, died August 7, 1837, and was married to John McGeehee. They had at least two children; Junious McGeehee, born June 23, 1835 and Ann Maria McGeehee, born Feb. 12, 1834. After Maria died in 1837, John McGeehee married her sister Elizabeth Field (1822-1843) and they had two additional children, Ferdinana, born April 17, 1840 and Addison Clinton McGeehee, born Dec. 29, 1841
  3. Elizabeth Field, see above.
  4. Nancy Field, born July 20, 1809, died June 10, 1855, She married John Whaling, of Stithton, Ky. They had at least five children; James Curtis Whaling, born in 1834, John Wayne Whaling (1837-1840), Isabel Whaling, Ezekiel Whaling, and Stokley D. Wheling, born June 3, 1846.
  5. Curtis Field, was born Jan. 19, 1812, died Jan. 18, 1843. He was married to Pentlope Miles and they had at least three children, Mary Jane Field, who married R. Gist and a son, Curtis Columbus Field.
  6. Levi Field, born Sept. 27, 1814 and died Aug. 1897. He married Nancy Edith, and they had several children.
  7. Matilda Field, born 1817 and died in 1818.
  8. Clinton D. Field, born July 23, 1819 and died Feb. 16, 1846.
  9. Artridge Field born Jan. 21, 1825 and died in 1853. She married Issac Withers and the family moved to Missouri. They had at least two children; Sara Medora Withers, born Feb. 28, 1851 and Clinton Withers, born Feb. 21, 1853.

The writer has in his possession a small personal book on which is written on the fly-sheet "Ezekiel Fields Book" in which the old gentleman recorded the Births and deaths and marriages of his children and grand-children. From this book the following information was secured:

Grand-children of Ezekiel Field were:

Children of John Whaling and his wife, Nancy Field

  1. James Curtis Wheling, born April 16, 1834
  2. John Warren Whaling, born December 28, 1837
  3. Isabel Ester Whaling, born Jan. 8, 1839
  4. Stokley D. Whaling, born June 3, 1846

Children of John and Maria McGeehee

  1. Ann Maria Mcgeehee, born Feb. 14, 1834
  2. Junuis McGeehee, born June 23, 1835
  3. Ferdiana McGeehee, born April 17, 1835. This child's mother was Elizabeth McGeehee
  4. Addison Clinton McGeehee, born December 29, 1841

Children of Curtis and Pentelope Field

  1. Mary Jane Field, born May 6, 1846
  2. Curtis Columbus Field, born June 8, 1842

Children of Silas Hart and Mary Ann Hart

  1. Artridge Hart, born May 6, 1846
  2. Nannie Elizabeth Hart, born May 6, 1846
  3. Clinton Felix Hart, born Nov. 11, 1850

Children of Issac C. and Artridge Withers

  1. Butler Withers, born April 12, 1848
  2. Sarah Medora Withers, born Feb. 28, 1851
  3. Clinton Withers, born Feb. 21, 1853


The following deaths were recorded in Ezekiel Fields book:

Ezekiel Field, died November 5, 1858, age 85
Polly field, died August 17, 1828
John Myrtle Field, died Jan. 26, 1831
Maria Field, died August 7, 1837
Nancy Field, June 10, 1855
Curtis Field, Jan. 18, 1843
Levi Field, died August 22, 1897
Metelda Field, died August 12, 1818
Clinton D. Field, Feb. 16, 1846
Elizabeth D. Field, Sept. 22, 1843
Artridge Field, March 4, 1853 (in Knox County, Mo.)
John Warren Whaling, April 18, 1840
Mary Jane Field Gist, Jan. 21, 1883
Clinton Felix Field, Jan 12, 1855v
Nancy Edith Field, July 19, 1883 (there is a notation in the book she got hurt on May 14, 1883)
Alphie field, June 15, 1896
Judity Shackleford Field, March 18, [1]855
John Cora Field, Jan. 11,1880
Beat Field, October 25, 1847
Charles Thurston Field, 1858
Butler Withers, Feb. 8, 1858
Clinton Withers, July 28, 1853

Births (from the same source)
Nancy Edith Cahddick, wife of Levi Field, born March 10, 1824
(Children of Levi and Nancy Field, are Aratridge Field, born Feb. 7, 1885 and Ezekiel Field, born Dec. 25, 1862)

Maria Shackleford Field was born March 18, 1822, the children of Levi and Maria Field were:

  1. John Cora Field, born July 20, 1846
  2. Clinton S. Field, Born June 2, 1850
  3. Charles Thruston Field, born June 2, 1850

(note- Levi Field Married Maria Shackleford on August 15, 1843. Maria died on March 18, 1855 in Memphis and her body was brought back to West Point for burial. On November 13, 1883 Levi Field married Miss Alphie Prewitt in Meade County. She died June 15, 1896. Levi Field died the following year)

Birthdays of Ezekiel Fields grandchildren
Lille Burbridge, July 28, 1972
Nancy Field Burbridge, born May 23, 1874
Cora Bel Burbridge, November 24, 1876
Bell K. Burbridge, March 18, 1848

Additional births: Ezekiel Field [sic] personal book then continued with another list of birthdays. Who these individuals are is unknows to this writer but it is my personal belief tht these were the birthdays of children of the personal slaves of Ezekiel Field.

Children of Scarrett;
James William, born Feb. 13, 1840
Ann Elizabeth, born Feb. 6, 1842
Joseph, born October 1844
Matilda Jane, born Nov. 21, 1845
Henritta, born 1848
Eli, born December 28, 1850
Horace, born April, 16, 1852
Maryhart, born Dec. 25, 1853
Henry, born Ded. 2, 1855
Curits Bolin, born May 31, 1855

Children of Fanny
Alice, born June 16, 1846
Ellen, born in 1852

Briggs, Richard A, Pioneer Settlers and Related Families At The Mouth of Salt River (West Point, Kentucky) Ancestral Trails Historical Society, Vine Grove KY., 2000, pgs. 125-128.