This is the Federal Mortality Schedule for Green County, Illinois, 1880. Joseph J. Field of Greene County, had shot and killed a man named Padgett. It was his second murder and the locals were ready to mob the jail and lynch him. He was indeed killed by a mob, rumor has it that he was shot nine times.

The cause of death was first written as Killed by Mobb. This was crossed out and Gunshot was written in. The Remarks section of the schedule says:
J. J. Fields Killed J. L. Padgett was arrested convined [sic] in jail in Winchester Scott Co Ill and a Mobb broke in jail an [sic] Shot Field to death on the 17 of March 1880

Newspaper article concerning the arrest of Joseph J. Field.

The Joseph Riley Field family farm.

The Joseph Riley Field Barn.

Areal view of the Joseph Riley Field family farm today.

The Joseph Riley Field family home.

The Joseph Riley Field family cemetery.