There are several traditions about Abraham Field (1636-1674). The first concerns the father of Abraham Field. Many claim a Henry Field (b. 1611-), who came to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1635 was Abraham's father. Frederick C. Pierce in his Field Genealogy Vol. II, states that Henry Field, age 24, and his cousin John Dickenson, age 24, arrived in Virginia, November 20, 1635, on the ship "Expectation" and that Henry settled in Jamestown.

Peter W. Coldham in his book, The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660, lists a Henrie Field, 24 , and a John Dickenson, 24, on the ship "Expedition" which landed in Barbados. Coldham gives the date of 20 November 1635, but does not state if this is the departure or the arrival date.

This information is also stated in John C. Hotten's book, The Original Lists of Persons of Quality. Although a Henry Field and John Dickenson did arrive in the New World in 1635, no valid primary evidence has ever been found linking Henry to Abraham Field of Westmoreland County.

Another tradition deals with the identity of Abrahamís first wife. Many secondary sources state that he married Mary Irenmonger, the daughter of William Irenmonger and Elizabeth Jones. The evidence for this marriage is suspect and many researchers do not think Abraham ever married a Mary Irenmonger. Abraham's second wife, Mary Spence, survived him and was the executrix of his will. Mary later married Corderoy Irenmonger and was referred to in court documents as "Mary Ironmonger, relict of Abraham Field." An early researcher may have made a mistake which has been perpetuated. A reference to an Ellis Field has been found in the Westmoreland County, Virginia, court records. Some researchers believe this Ellis to be Abraham Field's first wife.

It is because of this lack of verification of a connection between Abraham to any previous generation, that we begin our ancestry with Abraham Field (1636-1674) of Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Abraham Field was born about 1636, probably in Virginia. If he was born in Virginia, he spent his entire life there and died in August of 1674. He made at least one land patent in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Westmoreland County records show a patent of 18 March 1661/62 which he left in his will to his sons Daniel and Abraham. This land between the head of Popes Creek and the head of Pipeter Creek is presumably the land on which he resided and planted tobacco.

Abraham married at least twice. There is one reference to an Ellis Field in the Westmoreland County records books. Many researches believe this is his first wife and mother of his children. His children, born between 1661 and 1669, were Margaret, who married Henry Cossum, Edward Hart and Charles Ashton, Abraham who married an Ellenor, Daniel, who married a Mary and later Mary Alday, Henry, John who married Elizabeth Vlaux, and Eleanor who married David Rozier.

Abrahamís first wife died shortly after the birth of their last child, Eleanor and he remarried in July of 1670 to Mary Spence. Mary was previously married to John Bell. After the death of Abraham, she married Corderoy Iremonger (Irenmonger) in 1674 and Alexander Gallant in 1677.

Abraham wrote his will on October 11, 1674 and it was proven 26 August 1674.

By Lucie C. Field
June 2006

Land of Abraham Field at the head of Pope's Creek,Westmoreland County, Virginia. Photograpy by Gene and Lucie Field, 1997.


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